Everybody Onboard

One of the biggest challenges of any multiple-location retailer is consistent execution. How do you make sure every associate at every location on every shift is up to speed on every initiative. Last night, I took my kids to Barnes & Noble. When I checked in on Foursquare, I was excited to see a special actually in the store (not nearby), AND it was just for checking in (not for being mayor), AND it was for an item my son was buying. Score! Offer for Barnes & Noble on Foursquare Now, for the bad news. I showed the offer to the associate working in the music section. He wanted to see the offer, so he asked to hold my phone. I wanted the $2 off, so I let him. He wanted to check with his manager, so he started to walk off with my phone. I really like my phone, so I asked for it back.

When the manager arrived, she also asked to read the offer, and she also did not know anything about it. She and I walked the entire music section looking for the Foursquare display. No joy. Finally, I suggested, "Why don't we just try the discount code and see if it works." They tried it, and it worked. Joy.


How do you make sure every possible person in your execution chain can deliver as promised? Leave your ideas in the comments below.