Customer Experience

Five Star Ratings

Is giving a rating on Uber or AirBnB different than a normal customer survey? On these sites your ratings can make a big difference on someone's livelihood and they also rate you. So over time, your poor ratings could begin to reflect negatively on you.

On a recent episode of the podcast Question of the Day, they tackle this issue with quest host Brian Koppelman. Check it out: 97. What If Your Uber Driver Is Less Than ‘Uber’?

Some Extra Mints

I'm a cruncher. I crunch ice, Tootsie Roll Pops and mints. Give my wife a Life Saver mint, and it will last for hours. Mine are lucky to make it 60 seconds. That's a big part of why I love the mints at Sonic.

They look like slightly smaller regular starlight peppermint discs, but when my teeth make impact, they crumble into a million tiny pieces of refreshing awesomeness. The texture reminds me of the soft pastel dinner mints my grandma kept in a bowl on her buffet.

Last week as we were going through the Sonic drive-in, I mention how much I love the mints when Gina suggested I just ask for a few more. I did and they gave me a handful. Yesterday, I asked the carhop for some extra mints and she came back with this small cup stuffed with them, "That way you can just keep them in your cup holder." 

Thanks for the extra mints. I LOVE sonic!