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I'm a podcast junkie, and LISTEN TO THIS is a quick recap of an recent episode that I can't quit thinking and talking about.

99% INVISIBLE | Unbuild Episode 94

It's another great episode by Roman Mars. Having recently finished The Devil in the White City, I was particularly intriqued by Daniel Burnham's master plan for San Francisco, and the timing and opportunity to implement it fully because of the 1906 earthquake. But of course, with the urgency to rebuild the city plus the short-term thinking of the human animal, those plans were pushed aside because they took too long.

But the best part that I want to share, is Mars' plea for Kickstarter backers at the end. I love the contrast he creates between being a hero that needs the spotlight versus being a badass who gets things done.

We can't all be PJ Vogt. We have to get the 1,800 backers before we get to the 10,000th backer. So let him have his thing. You can be the hero and ride in on the eleveth hour and save the day, OR you can be a badass and saunter in in the ninth hour and save the day before the day even needs to be saved.

If you want to hear his tone and inflection as he delivers this image, jump in for the last two minutes.

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