Brand Alignment | Part II Some Examples

Here are a few follow-up examples to the recent Observation Paper on Brand Alignment. First, examples that are in perfect alignment:

And now a couple of examples of behaviors that are out of alignment with the represented brand:

  • Air Force One flyover in New York City - in fact it was so out of alignment, it resulted in the resignation of White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera.
  • Carrie Prejean represents the brand of Miss California. As John Tantillo argues in his article, whether you agree with her or not, her strong political stance is not in alignment with the Miss California brand that stands for diplomacy and leadership.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis (the winner of TWO Golden Globes) has become The Activia Lady.
  • And according to The Onion, the new Star Trek movie which is fun and watchable and totally out of alignment with the Star Trek brand of dated and cornball.