EMOTIONAL SELLING | 3 Simple Resources

You've probably heard the old adage, "You don't sell the drill; you sell the hole." But that's only half the truth. You don't even really sell the hole; you sell the satisfaction of having drilled the hole with little to no frustration. We're emotional creatures, and we purchase stuff based on either gaining positive feelings or avoiding painful emotions.

BUT WHAT ABOUT a very logical decision, like filling up your gas tank? Have you ever run out of gas? What did that feel like? Do you ever want to experience that emotion again? So even if you're not emotional at the time of your purchase, it's still emotion that's driving the decision (yes, that pun was intended).

So here are 3 resources to help you increase the amount of emotional appeal in your selling:

  1. REAL-LIFE ILLUSTRATION > Ivan Levison walks through a great example using Olive Garden's commercial in The Emotional Sell versus the Rational Sell.
  2. WORDS TO USE > Add emotion with 186 Power Words for Selling by Karl Stepp.
  3. INSPIRATION > Don Draper from Mad Men reframes the technical slide wheel as the much more emotive carousel in his pitch to Eastman Kodak.