How to Grab Someone’s Attention

I just started reading The Lean Forward Moment by Norman Hollyn (thanks to Karyn Johnson for recommending it). It's all about how visual storytellers can create moments that get the audience on the edge of their seats. Straind's music video For You, illustrates one of those moments:

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Hollyn explains:

Let's look at the third verse of the song, where there is a strong Lean Forward Moment, as the band sings, "All your insults and your curses, make me feel like I'm not a person." If this song's story is about how teenagers cannot get their true feelings across to their parents, then this lyric in the song is the most direct statement of it. The lyrics speak to their alienation and the music pounds those thoughts home at this point. (p. 308)

I may never watch another music video the same way again.