The following clip is a feel good prank from the agents at Improv Everywhere.

I love how in the write-up of the event, one of the agents talked about the joy of watching "victims" smile after the encounter.

Several years ago, I heard that Zig Ziglar's office answered the phone saying "It's a great day at the Ziglar Corporation." I liked that positive attitude and decide to make everyone at the office I was running answer the phone that way, but their hearts weren't in it and several shared how much they disliked being told exactly what to say. I said okay, but here are the critical criteria for answering the phone. You have to:

  • Say Shreve Hall (the place we worked at)
  • State your name
  • Make the person on the other end smile

The team bought into that criteria and each came up with a unique way to encourage a smile. My favorite was a direct young man who simply said, "Smile this is Tim at Shreve Hall." What can you do today to make someone else smile?