GOOGLE DICTIONARY | I miss you already

Google dictionary is no longer availableI'm so bummed to learn that the site that is in perpetual beta shut down one of my favorite experiments, Google Dictionary. What I loved about the dictionary function was how fast, clean and simple it was. On the Google forum, Oren Naim, a project manager with Google, explains the reason behind the shut down.

Google Dictionary was recently integrated into Google Web Search. Simply search for "define X" where X is the word you want to look up. Clicking on the "more" link (or on the toolbelt "Dictionary" link on the left) will give you practically the same experience that was available on

We're working hard to make the dictionary experience even better on so it will be easier for our users to get the dictionary experience without the need to go to a separate property.

Did you ever use Google Dictionary? Will you miss the change? Have you used the new "Define X" function on Google? What do you think of it?