OSCAR QUEST | The Ranking

My Oscar night plan of attack has worked. With 4 days to go until the Oscars, I've watched 17 of the 18 Movies to See before Oscar night. So here is my ranking so far (minus The Help which I plan to see tomorrow night) along with a Twitter-sized review for each. What are your favorites? I would love to hear in the comments below.

  1. THE DESCENDANTS > Sad. Wonderfully sad. Clooney expresses emotional struggles with just 43 muscles. Sid gets cold cocked.
  2. THE ARTIST > Dance scene retakes = pure chemistry. I would watch this again and again, "With pleasure."
  3. A BETTER LIFE > Didactic title aside, Demián Bichir's performance as an undocumented immigrant father who keeps moving forward is brilliant.
  4. WARRIOR > Best movie nobody is seeing. Rocky with two heroes and way better more intense fight scenes and Nick Nolte as Nick Nolte.
  5. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO > Tried not to like it. Original had Mikael’s generous awe; Hollywood's Lisbeth is deeper, more compelling.
  6. HUGO 3D > Stunningly beautiful, although charmingly predictable, and still wonderfully magical.
  7. EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE > In this modern-day, cloying, epic quest, Odysseus is an 11 yo NYer with Aspergers. I sobbed at that damn answering machine.
  8. MIDNIGHT IN PARIS > Classic Woody Allen, although these days he looks much younger, has blond hair, and wears contacts.
  9. TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY > Would knew such slow pacing could move so quickly. Methodical spy thriller.
  10. MONEYBALL > Best sports business movie since Jerry Maguire. Flips the focus from "Show me the money," to player results - "He gets on base."
  11. MY WEEK WITH MARILYN > Love the acting style contrasts highlighted between Marilyn and Sir Laurence Olivier, yet both prefer younger romances.
  12. IRON LADY > A wonderfully told love story dressed up in pearls to look like a world leader bio pic. Touching, warm, and inspiring.
  13. BEGINNERS > The costume party scene = most romantic pick-up ever. Arthur, the sub-title talking dog, as funny as Jon Hamm's uncredited Ted.
  14. BRIDESMAIDS > Start with a base of raunchiness, add a dash of physical comedy, and warm until your heart says, "Ahhh."
  15. WAR HORSE > If you get it on DVD, fast forward to the horse running through barbed wire. Watch the next 7 minutes of soldiers cutting him free. Eject DVD and return.
  16. ALBERT NOBBS > Is a pathetic, unlikeable, genderless shell of human being which holds little entertainment value because we never connect with him... err, her.
  17. TREE OF LIFE > Planet Earth with creepy voice overs and a dickweed dad as the apex predator.