Only 32 days until the Academy Awards, so it's time to officially build my Oscar nominee catch-up viewing. Starting with the 25 Movies You Need to See Before Oscar Night, here's my first pass at what I still need to see.

  1. The Social Network (97%) - No, I haven't seen it yet. I've been busy. This will be a close one. Currently on DVD, but not available on Netflix until 2/8.
  2. The King's Speech (96%) - Top of the list. I'll catch it as soon as Gina returns from her upcoming trip to Florida.
  3. Inception (86%) - Fun ride, engaging story, but not best picture.
  4. The Fighter (89%) - Can't wait to see it.
  5. Toy Story 3 (99%) - I didn't believe Pixar could pull off another sequel for Toy Story, but they did. I really liked How to Train Your Dragon, but I think Toy Story 3 will win best animated feature film.
  6. True Grit (95%) - Loved it, and currently leading my best picture, but I haven't seen any of its real competitors yet.
  7. Black Swan (89%) - Even the trailer creeps me out. I think I'll be seeing this one on my own.
  8. The Kids Are All Right (94%) - It was okay. I'm eager to see the other nominees for Actress in a Leading Role.
  9. 127 Hours (93%) - Might curb my desire to go hiking.
  10. Winter's Bone (94%) - In the queue for this weekend.
  11. The Town (94%) - I love a good heist movie. Jeremy Renner = intense!
  12. Rabbit Hole (88%) - Down on the list and may not make it before Oscar night.
  13. Another Year (91%) - Up for best original screenplay. Hope to get to it.
  14. Get Low (86%) - It has Bill Murray, so I have to watch it, but with no major nominations, it will wait.
  15. How to Train Your Dragon (98%) - Dreamworks' best movie! They are getting much stronger (although, so is Pixar).
  16. Blue Valentine (89%) - Should I see it on Valentine's Day?
  17. Biutiful (63%) - Pretty low Tomatometer score. Will it be available in KC?
  18. Animal Kingdom (96%) - Just received it today. Watching it this weekend.
  19. Waiting for "Superman" (88%) - Waiting for "Later, Man."
  20. Alice in Wonderland (52%) - Saw it and amazed at how many times Tim Burton and Johnny Depp can repurpose Edward Scissorhands.
  21. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (86%) - Instant view on Netflix this weekend.
  22. Inside Job (97%) - Would like to see it and the other four documentaries.
  23. The Illusionist (89%) - Hope it comes to KC.
  24. Tangled (88%) - No way. No How.
  25. Burlesque (37%) - I'll see Tangled before I see this.

Next step: rank order what I've seen so far. What do you plan to see before Oscar Night? What movies have you seen already? What do you hope will win?