Oscar Night 2011 Preparation | Starting Point

For the last two years, I made a personal quest to see as many nominated movies as possible before the Oscars. It fills several needs of mine. There is the obvious enjoyment of watching some great movies, but I also get to rank order the movies as I watch them, and in my mind, everything can and should be rank ordered. Plus there's the added adrenaline rush from trying to beat the clock and see so many movies in such a compressed time frame. I start with Entertainment Weekly's List of 25 Movies You Need to See Before Oscar Night which is in priority order for how they recommend to see them. Then I look up each movie on Rotten Tomatoes. This list has the Tomatometer score listed after each movie. I left it generic without my game plan so you can feel free to copy to create your own plan of action.

  1. The Social Network (97%)
  2. The King's Speech (96%)
  3. Inception (86%)
  4. The Fighter (89%)
  5. Toy Story 3 (99%)
  6. True Grit (95%)
  7. Black Swan (89%)
  8. The Kids Are All Right (94%)
  9. 127 Hours (93%)
  10. Winter's Bone (94%)
  11. The Town (94%)
  12. Rabbit Hole (88%)
  13. Another Year (91%)
  14. Get Low (86%)
  15. How to Train Your Dragon (98%)
  16. Blue Valentine (89%)
  17. Biutiful (63%)
  18. Animal Kingdom (96%)
  19. Waiting for "Superman" (88%)
  20. Alice in Wonderland (52%)
  21. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (86%)
  22. Inside Job (97%)
  23. The Illusionist (89%)
  24. Tangled (88%)
  25. Burlesque (37%)

And now for our feature presentation...