OSCAR NIGHT 2011 | The King's Speech

I could handle Bellatrix as Queen Elizabeth, and Dumbledore as King George V seemed quite natural, but I just couldn't get past Wormtail as Churchill. Comparing Characters from Harry Potter to The King's Speech

I'm usually not much of a fan for stuffy stories about royal families. With my blue-collar roots, I prefer the struggles of the common man more than watching the privileged class "struggle" with the difficulties of being elite. However, this tale is told in a very non-grand fashion and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth are portrayed as an ordinary couple thrown unwillingly into the spotlight when his brother King Edward VIII renounces the crown to be with his true love.

Queen Elizabeth sums it up nicely when she reminds her husband how she had rejected his marriage proposals twice before finally accepting the third time. She didn't want the fame of royalty and living in the public eye, but she figured he had such a "lovely stammer" that they would leave them alone. The plot reminds me of the quote from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night:

Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.

This engaging story of being thrust into greatness is told well with exceptional visuals and superb acting. The chemistry between the three main characters is delightful as they share witty quips and keen perspectives. Their exchanges are charming and fun to watch as all three communicate so much emotion through their facial expressions and reactions.

The King's Speech is a classic Best Picture picture and earns the number one spot on my list of 25 movies to see before Oscar night 2011. Although, to be honest, I would rather watch True Grit, but that's just my bias for a good western showing through.

RANKING of OSCAR 2011 MUST-SEES (so far):

  1. The King's Speech
  2. True Grit
  3. Winter's Bone
  4. Black Swan
  5. The Social Network
  6. The Town
  7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  8. Inception
  9. Toy Story 3
  10. How to Train Your Dragon
  11. The Fighter
  12. The Kids Are All Right
  13. Animal Kingdom
  14. Alice in Wonderland