LISTEN TO THIS | Why Nobody Came

I’m a podcast junkie, and LISTEN TO THIS is a recap of my favorite tidbits, soundbites and short bursts of brilliance from this week. After digesting 900 minutes of podcasts, here’s the top 3 must-listen-to moments.

900 minutes of podcasts listening for Todd Chandler

Thinking Can Be the Enemy

BACK TO WORK | LAMP for Your Productivity

Merlin may have added one too many Stok Black Coffee Shots to his coffee before the show, but then again, maybe it was the right amount. At 55:11 he hits one of his classic moments of clarity and provides a stirring rant on not over-thinking things, yet dealing with the reality of a complicated life. Nice!

Attention > Page Views

CMD+SPACE | Memberships and Being Classy with Shawn Blanc

I’m liking where Myke Hurley is taking CMD+Space. He’s lined up some fascinating guests, and I see him growing as interviewer. He does his research, gets his guests to share openly, and leads solid, thoughtful discussions. On episode three, he talks with Shawn Blanc about being nice on the internet and building a strong membership base. At 56:10, Myke asks about the difference between attention and page views. Shawn provides an excellent, specific explanation of the age-oId question of quality versus quantity. If you have a little extra time, jump back 5 minutes prior and listen to Shawn’s approach about assuming the best in others.

“I believe everyone wants to be the best version of themselves that they can be.” ~ Shawn Blanc

I Wondered Why Nobody Came

ON THE MEDIA | Homicide Watch

This interview with Laura Amico provides a powerful perspective from friends and family of the homicide victims. It also walks through how to get a jump on the cops with diligent reporting practices and strategic search tactics. The story peaks when host Brooke Gladstone compares Amico to Miami crime reporter Edna Buchanan. The title link above is direct to this segment, or if you’re listening to the full podcast, fast forward to 25:20.

Podcast Test Drives:

I listened to 512 PODCAST | Firing on One Cylinder based on a tweet recommendation from Michael Schechter (by the way, his name is quite easy to spell despite what he tells you). This was not the right episode to listen to this podcast for the first time. The title tells why, as Stephen was only firing on one cylinder. I can see how regular listeners would find the honest portrayal of being in a funk more engaging, but not having background with these guys, it just felt aimless to me.


I’m on the lookout for podcasts about learning. Any recommendations? Also, I want to see if I can break 1,000 minutes of listening to podcasts within one week. Wish me luck.