MAY QUOTES | So What's the Point?

29 Quotes posted in May on Observation Paper After six full months of creating visual quotes for Observation Paper, the 29 posted in May brings the total to 189. Also in May, I took advantage of an invite from Michael Schechter to write a post for by capturing learnings from this daily quote endeavor which forced me to define what’s the point of this habit:

To consume enough high-quality information every day to discover at least one quote, idea, or thought worth sharing; and then to present it in a visually compelling way.

Ironically, the most noted post from May was the more “traditional deep-thoughts-from-famous-dead-people format” saying from Walt Disney. I still count it as a timely, relevant quote because I heard it on recent episode of Back to Work. The second most noted was this distinction between training and education from Ben Ponder.