On App to Record Them All

I have four areas of interest I like to record and track: the beers I drink, the books I read, the number and location of the miles I run, and the movies I see. I've experimented with separate apps for each of these areas of interests:

  • Beers = Rate Beer and Untapped
  • Books = Goodreads
  • Miles = Map My Ride and Garmin
  • Movies = Get Glue and Swarm

But dedicated apps made tracking cumbersome. I enjoy these areas, which is why I want to record them. Reporting my experiences should also be fun. And easy. I needed one app to record them all. DayOne has earned that spot. Within the app, I created a tag for each of these categories and simply capture my experiences there.

DayOne syncs across all my devices, so I can search by tag or simply look backwards in time to be reminded of past experiences. As an added bonus of tracking these activities, I'm developing the habit of journaling other moments as well.