Kettle Moraine 100

Scott Stith's first 100 miler! How lucky am I that I got to run it with him! We had an amazing crew of Bob, JD, Peter, and Yvonne.

Gorgeous trails! Aid stations every 5 miles or less, with professional-level volunteers. Humid, still air to start on Saturday morning, then a refreshing thunderstorm in the afternoon which turned the trails to sloppy, sloshy, slippery mud. The weather turned beautiful Sunday morning as our full crew ran us in for the last 7 miles.

Incredible community of volunteers and super friendly runners. Fun swag and extremely well-organized event. Tremendous experience!

Pi Day River Rotation - The Benefits of Starting Slow

The Pi Day Race Series Answer to Everything is the first race I've ever won. It's a same-day stage race involving the combined time of 3 races: a 5k, a marathon, and a half marathon. I owe a lot of it to luck and a little bit of it to starting slow. I'm a huge fan of taking the first 3-10 miles and just going easy and warming up.

After reviewing the results, the story of my slow start clearly emerged, so naturally I created a visual to share. My finish in each of the three races was mid pack to back of the pack, but only 3 of us finished all 3 races and my slow start left me plenty of gas in the tank to slow down the least for the last race.

Pi Day Race Results.jpeg