The Snake 10 Miler

I'm a lucky runner! I've lucked in to an amazing community of runners in the Kansas City area. Running the fourth annual Snake 10 miler really drove that point home for me. I met one of my favorite runners 4 years ago at this race, and this is the 4th race in the 7 race Golden Hawk Endurance Challenge.

Through on top that I got to run it with two friends. Living the dream!

Kettle Moraine 100

Scott Stith's first 100 miler! How lucky am I that I got to run it with him! We had an amazing crew of Bob, JD, Peter, and Yvonne.

Gorgeous trails! Aid stations every 5 miles or less, with professional-level volunteers. Humid, still air to start on Saturday morning, then a refreshing thunderstorm in the afternoon which turned the trails to sloppy, sloshy, slippery mud. The weather turned beautiful Sunday morning as our full crew ran us in for the last 7 miles.

Incredible community of volunteers and super friendly runners. Fun swag and extremely well-organized event. Tremendous experience!