37 Years of Growing

I had the privilege of attending a retirement party for a dear friend last week. It was moving and motivating to hear colleague after colleague stand up and share examples of his mentorship, coaching and guidance.

He is a life-long learner, and he clearly made a difference in his 37-year career. At the end, he said a few words, "I've tried to accomplish three things in my career: a wise mind, a loving spirit, and a grateful heart." Worthy goals for all of us.

Myths about Millennials

Striking commentary about the variation amoung individuals being greater than the variation in generations from The Economist:

Companies need to recognise that individual differences are always bigger than generational differences. Every age group contains introverts and extroverts, high-flyers and low-riders. But they also need to recognise that human commonalities swamp both individual differences and generational variations. The most striking thing about the research data compiled by the likes of CEB and the Centre for Creative Leadership is how much workers of different generations have in common. They want roughly the same things regardless of when they were born: to be given interesting work to do, to be rewarded on the basis of their contributions and to be given the chance to work hard and get ahead.
— Schumpeter

What's Up with Podcasts?

LISTEN TO THIS > LEXICON VALLEY | Ep. 64 What’s the Deal with Translating Seinfeld?

If you've ever caught yourself saying, "There's a Seinfeld episode where..." you'll enjoy this dissection of the comedy in Seinfeld and analysis of why it doesn't translate well to European languages. If, like me, you say "There's a Seinfeld episode where..." nearly every day, you'll adore it to a level that will make you want to listen to it a second time like catching a rerun of your favorite sitcom.