Ford Flexing

This weekend we had the pleasure of test driving the new Ford Flex thanks to Social Media Group and Ford Motor Company.  I asked on Twitter if anyone had any clever suggestions for "special" tests we should run on the Flex.  That's when @erindowney introduced me to @davidleeking because he had just tested the exact same Flex (no lie) a few weeks before us.    
David wrote a nice overview of the process and listed several reasons why he accepted the Ford Flex challenge.  His were far more nobel than mine.  I just thought is sounded like fun.  And it was.  The car was delivered right to our house on Friday, so Gina and I could take it to Jazzoo.  
Then we spent the weekend comparing it to my Mini Cooper and shooting an American Idol Ford music video parody.  My goal this week is to get those videos edited as soon as possible as for my next few blog posts.